Hospitality Solution – Empowered by Innovation.

Samtouch ReportsPrinterSamtouch is the latest innovation in Point Of Sales Software which encompasses the features required by all major Retail & Hospitality sectors.
Developed on the latest Microsoft .Net Technologies, Samtouch is the leading edge Point Of Sale Platform which is “Easy To Use”, reliable & a cost effective solution providing you with the management tools & information to allow you to operate & expand your business on your terms.

Samtouch utilises the latest technologies of your Sam4s Point Of Sale terminal to display eye catching & easy to operate touch -screen graphics at lightning speed.

Promotional material & advertising banners can easily be displayed on your large LCD customer display, providing a no cost advertising portal at Point of Sale.

Simple to use with minimal training required, new or existing staff will take to Samtouch quickly & confidently, saving you time & maximising your sales growth. Create added sales opportunities by prompting the operator to advise the customer about “add on” or alternative products again maximising every sales transaction.

PizzaIn the hospitality sector, efficiency of your waiters & waitresses is of key importance, this is why Samtouch has been developed to work on Windows Tablets so orders can be accurately taken at the table but with the added flexibility to quickly & easily despatch order tickets to the kitchen. Promotions are a key features in all sectors. This is why Samtouch has been designed from the ground up with advanced promotional features that can be transparent to the operator.

° Over-lap & Floating Cashiers (Unlimited).
° Dynamic Screens. Create New Product Automatically adds to Screen.
° Six Tracking File. – Table, Rooms, Bar Tabs.
° Select Tables, Rooms By Number or Graphical Screen Layout
° Table Status Display.(Unlimited Records).
° Stock Count Down on Item Button. (How Many Lobsters Left?)
° Six Price Levels.
° Three Sizes Per Product. Pint, ½, Keg.
° Lead Thru Cooking Instructions.
° Condiment Lists & Buttons. Easy Split Bill/Item.
° Simple or Complex Promotion Options i.e. Two Meals & Bottle of Wine £20.
° Scheduled Kitchen Printer Routing.
° Free Text Function.
° Image To Receipt Printing.
° Create Promotions To Appear On The Customer Display.
° Local or Multi-Site Customer Loyalty Solution.
° Windows Tablet – Table Order Solution.
° Samview – Android Sales Reporting “Real-Time” On You Mobile or Tablet.

Some Example Reports.