Just Yoyo

Modern Wallet: Now Accepted at Your Shop

Consumers download the Yoyo mobile app on their smartphone, which allows them to forget about cash, credit cards, loyalty cards and paper vouchers when making purchases at your business.

Paperless Loyalty Cards

Your customers don’t need to carry around paper loyalty cards. They automatically receive stamps and redemption vouchers on their phone.

Targeted Offers

Your customers can receive targeted and relevant offers straight to their phone, bringing them in more often and increasing spending.

girlyoyoAutomate & Target Marketing

By using transactional data, you can target customer segments and behaviours, which allows you to automate your loyalty programs, offers & marketing campaigns.

Customer Segments

Using your transactional data, you can automatically segment your customers based on frequency of visits, items purchased or your own criteria.

Run Automated Campaigns

Using transactional data and customer segments, you can run automated marketing campaigns that deliver actionable customer insights.

transactionyoyoLink Payments & Transactions

Unlike your payment provider, Yoyo transactions have meta data, eliminating payment fragmentation & allowing you to correlate purchases, payments & customers.

Transaction-Tied Loyalty

By understanding your customer’s spending, you can automatically apply loyalty stamps or points and help influence customer habits and decisions.

Basket-Level Data

By using your own basket-level data and linking it to payment data you can know your customer better than before and take action to build a relationship.

mobileyoyoIntegrate Mobile Payments

We know speed is important, which is why Yoyo integrates with EPOS systems. Accepting mobile payments in your workflow can be faster than other methods.

Accept Mobile Payments

With a payment card in their Yoyo account, customers are able to pay at retailers that accept Yoyo by displaying a secure and unique barcode.

EPOS Integration

Yoyo appears as a payment type and is triggered manually or by scanning a payment/reward barcode, automatically adding any loyalty stamps or discounts.