Samtouch OrderPad is a professional paper-free option to take food and drink orders in busy hospitality and catering environments.

Designed specifically for the busy restaurant environment, Samtouch OrderPad increases order processing times by at least 35% but more importantly improves order accuracy leading to a higher customer experience.

Samtouch OrderPad allows waiting staff to process customer orders at the table and automatically update your Samtouch POS system which then processes the order through to the food and drink preparation stations.

Keeps Everybody Happy
Waiter’s are not having to waste valuable time returning to the POS terminals to input order’s from a check pad which leads to inaccuracies. The customer’s order is more accurate and the table service is quicker which assists with quicker table turnover. Customer satisfaction is higher, everyone is happy!

  • Faster Operation.
  • Automatically Adds or Updates Customer Checks in the Samtouch Infrastructure.
  • Enquire of Allergy Information at the Table.
  • Lead Thru Operation.
  • Print Receipts at the Table Using Bixolon Mobile Printers.
  • Print Order Direct to the Food and Drink Prep Printers.
  • Order Taking Can Exist Outside the Wi-fi Network.

Unitech EA500 Mobile Computer
The EA500 mobile computer is a rugged work mate for everyday scanning because of its light, ergonomic design and dual scan buttons for comfortable, speedy scanning. A powerful force on the field or in the office, the EA500 improves data collection in Retail, Hospitality and Event Ticketing.

  • Basic food allergens including Cereals containing Gluten, Sea Food, Celery, Eggs, Soya, Sesame, Dairy, Nuts, Mustard, Lupin and Sulphur Dioxides.

Samtouch OrderPad – Key Features In Brief


Operating Systems

Ordering Processing

Increases by up to 35%

Table Service

Faster & More Accurate

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Samtouch OrderPad – Better Customer Experience

Nobody Likes Waiting

How many customers have you had to turn away because they don’t like waiting or queuing? You want to seat as many customers as possible in one service.

Faster Turnover

With Samtouch OrderPad, you can quickly and accurately take orders direct at the table, process the order though to the kitchen. Less mistakes, faster table turnover, more profit!

Better Customer Experience Samtouch Order Pad increases order processing times by at least 35%.
Keeps Everybody Happy
Waiter’s are not having to waste valuable time returning to the POS terminals.
Nobody Likes Waiting You want to seat as many customers as possible in one service. Less mistakes, more profit!
Faster Table Service Print receipts at the customers table using Bixolon’s wireless mobile printers.

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