Retail Giftware POS Software

The retail giftware sector is getting more and more competitive. Samtouch increases efficiency, provides best practice operations & reporting information to help you business operate affectively. Samtouch POS software offers a high level of features and functionality for the professional. Samtouch offers all the features required in this sector in a system that is cost effective and easy to use.

Samtouch POS Software

Use this brief guide to help you find the right kind of software for your business

Samtouch PC POS Software
Whichever point of sale hardware you choose the point of service software must meet with your business requirements. Because we develop hospitality software from the perspective of the bar / nightclub owner, best practice operations are a key remit of our development programme.   

Our POS solution is rigorously tested on all Sam4s hardware so you can rest assured of reliability and compatibility.

Optimum performance is gained from your point of sale solution when you choose to use Sam4s point of sale hardware along with our very own in-house software solution Samtouch and Samtouch Office.

Samtouch Office Cloud Back Office
With Samtouch Office, business intelligence is at your finger tips with up to the minute sales performance indicators & stock inventory notifications right upfront on your dashboard.

Before buying online why not give us a call to arrange a no obligation demo on 01924 438238 or contact sales@samtouch.co.uk

Just some of the key features available as standard for Samtouch

Floating Operators & Tabs

With Samtouch any operator can start a 'Sale/Tab' on one terminal and add to or finalise the sale on another terminal.

Dynamic Screen Set-Up

With the Samtouch ‘Dynamic Screen’ feature all you need to do is create the product, assign it to a category. 

Remote Services

Utilising tablet operation at the table, speeds up service and dramatically reduces wrong orders.

Customer Loyalty

Loyalty cards can be issued to customers to earn points and redeem special offers or membership discount.


Promotions can be actively monitored, allowing management to easily adapt promotions for maximum benefit.

Caller ID

Caller ID connects your POS to your phone system so the caller can be identified before you pick up the call.

Food Allergens

As a food business, you must follow the allergen information rules set in EU Food Information (EU FIC).

Price Levels

Samtouch offers up to 6 different price levels per product. These can be used in many different scenarios.

Digital Receipts

Captcha customer email addresses at the point of sale by offering to send their receipt to their email address.

Sam4s POS Hardware

Use this guide to help you find the right kind of hardware for your business

Sam4s’s range of PC-POS touch screens are available in many design configurations and are extremely durable in most environments including withstanding water contact, dust and grease. Incorporating the latest Intel processors combines speed and efficiency along with quiet operation making them the most cost effective and quietest PC POS terminals.

Choose from either a traditional stand or a wall and pole mount option for limited space environments providing greater flexibility. A reliable and accessible system the Sam4s PC POS terminals have many added benefits making it excellent value for money and a great investment as your POS equipment.

Before buying online why not give us a call to arrange a no obligation demo on 01924 438238 or contact sales@samtouch.co.uk

Sam4s Titan S160 Touch Screen

Titan S160 2.16Ghz Dual Core N2807 CPU / 2GB RAM / 64GB SSD

Sam4s Titan S360 Touch Screen

Titan S360 2.43Ghz Quad Core J1900 CPU / 4GB RAM / 64GB SSD

Sam4s Titan 260 Touch Screen

Titan 260 2.14Ghz Quad Core N3160 CPU / 2GB RAM / 64GB SSD

Sam4s Forza Touch Screen

Forza 2.43Ghz Quad Core J1900 CPU / 4GB RAM / 64GB SSD

Just some of the key features available for Samtouch:-
Floating Operators & Tabs  I  Dynamic Screen Set-Up  I  Remote Services  I  Customer Loyalty  I  Promotions  I  Caller ID  I  Food Allergens  I  Price Levels  I  Digital Receipts

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Both our Retail & Hospitality brochures are now available to preview, print and share for the first time. The most comprehensive and thorough overview of Samtouch Software to date.

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