Take control of your stock via Samtouch Office. Full or partial (rotational) stock counts can be carried out instantly with stock variances highlighted quickly, backed up with intelligent reporting.

Stocktaking outers and units is simple to administer with multiple outers sizes available within Samtouch Office. Stocktakes can be done manually by completing the stock report form and re-entering the actual stock count back into Samtouch Office.

Alternatively, we offer a handheld device with inbuilt scanner and a bespoke software solution ‘Samcount for Samtouch Office’ which enables the shop floor and warehouse staff to scan in product and enter the stock count which is then transferred to Samtouch Office on request.

This app significantly reduces the time taken in processing an inventory count. In addition, the “Samcount for Samtouch Office” APP enables you to go around the store and spot check product pricing and amend as required.

Its sometimes difficult to keep key an eye on all your stock levels. The front dashboard in Samtouch Office alerts the operator of any low stock levels for you to act on ensuring you never run out of stock on key items.

Supplier order reports can be run instantly and provide recommended order levels based on current stock.

Unitech EA500 Mobile Computer
The EA500 mobile computer is a rugged work mate for everyday scanning because of its light, ergonomic design and dual scan buttons for comfortable, speedy scanning. A powerful force on the field or in the office, the EA500 improves data collection in Retail, Hospitality and Event Ticketing.

  • SamCount provides up to the minute information from each of your business locations or consolidated of all your locations.

Samtouch SamCount – Key Features In Brief


Operating Systems

Cloud Based

Up To The Minute Information

Seamless Integration

Works With Samtouch Office

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Recipes & Sizes
Live stocktake with Samtouch. Freeze feature means you can do stocktakes whilst trading.
Intelligent Reporting
Highlights your shrinking margin providing you with the tools to manage prices accurately.
Dashboard Alerts
Signal low stock levels for you to act on ensuring you never run out of stock on key ingredients.
Multi-Location Businesses
Analysis stock inventory across the group and move stock as necessary.

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