Remote Services

To further enhance efficiency and increase service accuracy and adopt best practice operations within your establishment, Samtouch Software offers a range of remote services.

Utilising tablet operation at the table, Utilising tablet operation at the table, speeds up service and dramatically reduces wrong orders, enhancing customer experience.

What’s more the software operation on the tablet is an exact extension of the fixed terminal operation, so operators don’t require further training to use the table ordering solution.

Remote order printing to the bar prep areas and kitchen service areas again improve accuracy, speed up service again leading to a better experience for the customer.

For fast food operations, kitchen order monitors can offer a more efficient and cost-effective solution to kitchen order printers.

Used by many of the big fast food chains kitchen order monitors display on going orders as well as a snap shot of the meals that need preparing real-time.

Just some of the key features available for Samtouch:-
Floating Operators & Tabs  I  Dynamic Screen Set-Up  I  Remote Services  I  Customer Loyalty  I  Promotions  I  Caller ID  I  Food Allergens  I  Price Levels  I  Digital Receipts

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Best Practise Operations Designed for the hospitality industry to instill best practise operations.
Accurate Order Processing
Lead through options to ensure the right questions are been asked during order taking.
Faster Table Turnaround
Orders instantly processed through to the kitchen for faster food prep.
Improved Customer Experience Faster order processing, less mistakes in food delivery and accurate billing.

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